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Other adhesive applications 

Escorez™ tackifiers are used in a variety of other adhesive applications.

Applications and benefits

Escorez™ 1000 tackifiers are neutral, pale-colored resins that function as the main binder component in thermoplastic road-marking applications.

These resins enhance the formulation by providing:

  • Good color and color stability
  • Consistent viscosity and thermal stability, batch to batch
  • Correct light-reflecting values
  • Stable performance in hot and cold weather
  • Abrasion resistance for longer wear
  • Minimal formulation issues compared to other options

Escorez resins deliver consistent performance and formulation when compared to tall oil rosin esters (TOREs).

Recommended products:

Escorez 1000 tackifying resins are an excellent choice for adhesive needs in tire manufacturing. They exhibit:

  • Dynamic and quick tack at low temperatures
  • Effective bonding of varied and dissimilar materials
  • Minimal effect on final product performance

Recommended products:

Applications Description Escorez™ tackifiers Escorene™ Ultra EVA Vistamaxx™ polymers
Road marking Adhesive striping X X X
Tires Assembly green strength X
Woodworking Furniture assembly X X X
Glue sticks Hobby supplies X X
Bookbinding Book spines X X X
Glue sticks Hobby supplies X X X
Carpet backing Carpet assembly adhesive X X X
Sealants Moisture and air barriers X X
Wax blending Cardboard coating X X X
Pipe wrap tape Pipe wrapping X
Protective lamination Film coatings in product packaging X X

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Escorez™ tackifier resins product safety summary

A general overview of product safety information on this chemical substance.

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