Article: Performance Polymers For New Value-Added Extrusion Coating and Lamination Solutions

Extrusion coating and lamination on various substrates such as board, paper, flexible films and HDPE woven fabrics, impart properties that prove beneficial for diverse end use applications. Extrusion coating and lamination also contribute towards decreasing the permeability of liquids, improved adhesion strength, sealing and toughness. Traditionally, LDPE and butene based LLDPE copolymers have been used as the material of choice. However, with advancement in material science and technology, ExxonMobil Exceed™ 0015XC and Exceed™ 0019XC performance polymers were developed, that deliver enhanced toughness and sealing performance. ExxonMobil’s robust supply chain ensures consistent supply of these resins in various regions globally.

Exceed™ performance polymers are ethylene 1-hexene copolymers designed to deliver superior mechanical and sealing performance for highly demanding end-use applications, compared to conventional LDPE & LLDPE resins. Two resins in the portfolio, Exceed™ 0015XC and Exceed™ 0019XC, are new to the Indian market. Exceed™ performance polymers provide superior performance for better product integrity and less failure-in-use, while helping ease the pressure caused by LDPE shortages and price variations.

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