Factsheet: PVC powder packaging using Exceed™ XP performance polyethylene-based HDS solutions

The bag drop is one of the most critical tests for HDS used to package PVC powder and more challenging than normal HDS packaging because the ventilation holes increase the risk of damage. Offering excellent bag drop performance due to its extreme mechanical properties, the solution based on Exceed XP 8318 performance PE delivers opportunities to improve bag integrity and reduce costs. Create innovative, cost-effective HDS for packaging PVC powder with the extreme performance of Exceed XP performance polyethylene.

Heavy duty sacks (HDS) made with Exceed™ XP performance polyethylene (PE) offer such an excellent toughness/stiffness balance they can replace paper block bottom valve bags (BBVB) and paper-plastic bags used to package PVC powder. Thanks to Exceed XP performance PE this HDS solution can reduce the risk of PVC powder leakage, while lowering sack costs.

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