Webinar: New Paxon™ SP5504: Delivering a paradigm shift in unimodal HDPE performance

Achieving the right ESCR for your blow molded HDPE bottles and containers by reducing the melt index or density of the virgin resin usually leads to a trade-off in other properties. That is until now ― there is a new solution. Paxon™ SP5504 delivers a step-change in ESCR performance without compromising stiffness, impact, top load, or processability, while offering the potential to increase PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) content. Delivering Superior Performance, Paxon™ SP5504 is an ideal drop-in solution for unimodal HDPE but with a better balance of properties. Or it can be used to replace bimodal HDPE in parts that have been over-engineered to obtain the right balance of ESCR and stiffness.

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