Role of innerliners in improving "in-use rolling resistance"

The case study results show an IPLR < 1.8% would provide a benefit of reduced fuel consumption by 4.5 gal/year. In the future, it is not a stretch to expect that an IPLR < 1.8% will be the target IPLR specification for global OEM leaders in the next 5 years. It is beneficial for OEMs and tire makers to revise IPLR specifications to the next generation level of < 1.8%.

Air retention is a critical factor in a tire’s performance, and ExxonMobil is developing solutions to improve air retention. ExxonMobil Exxpro elastomers offers reduced potential for cracking and splitting due to oxidation and heat, with greater chain stiffness and higher packing density making it harder for oxygen molecules to pass through.

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