Why air retention matters now more than ever

As we enter a new phase of mobility, led by the growing presence of electric vehicles, which make greater demands on tires due to their heavier weight and instant torque, proper inflation becomes even more critical. Unfortunately, most consumers think that tire pressure remains constant – that radial tires are leak-proof. In truth, they continuously lose air. The percentage of air lost by a tire in a month is referred to as the inflation pressure loss rate (IPLR). The monthly average IPLR is 2.4%.3 In continuous dynamic on-road conditions, it’s double that amount.4 That’s 42% air lost in a year. See the problem?

The safety risks of underinflated tires are clear. Underinflation can lead to poor fuel efficiency, sluggish handling, longer stopping distances, high uneven tire wear, increased component stresses within the tire and subsequent heat buildup.

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