Maximizing yields of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuels using ExxonMobil process technology

ExxonMobil has a long history of leadership in two key areas for the energy transition: Isomerization and Methanol to Fuels technologies. The BIDW technology builds off a 30 year history of deep dewaxing at industry leading yields which translates to higher uptime and carbon utilization. ExxonMobil is expanding its Methanol technology suite with Methanol to Jet (MTJ) that enables both bio-derived and e-fuel/PtL pathways for integrated partnerships. Synthetic iso-paraffinic kerosene produced via the MTJ process can be used as jet fuel blending component, pending ASTM certification.

View Louis Burns' ERTC 2022 Presentation - to learn how ExxonMobil is advancing the development and use of technologies for lower-emission fuels through Renewable Distillate Fuel and Renewable Methanol Technologies.  Read Time: 7min.

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