Newsletter: Polyethylene Perspectives, June 2022

See what's new in the June 2022 edition of Polyetyhlene Perspectives! • View the video to learn about Exceed™ S, the future of durable packaging, the future of tougher agricultural and industrial films, and the future of simpler producing and converting. • Read the article featured on Plastics Today, which says ExxonMobil's new Exceed S performance PE helps flexible packaging and film converters simplify designs, improve performance, and produce more durable products. • Learn more about how to design durable non-laminated pouches and bags with Exceed S performance PE. • Read the case study and discover how Trupal and ExxonMobil combined their expertise in film converting/packaging and polymertechnology to develop a new PE//PE laminated structure for the SUP. • Learn more about how Low density Exceed™ XP 7 performance polyethylene extends the extreme performance of thin stretch hood films.

Here is the latest issue of Polyethylene Perspectives, a monthly newsletter dedicated to polyethylene-based products and solutions.

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