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Sheer performance

Exxal™ alcohols for acrylate adhesives – Formulated to improve
adhesion cohesion balance

Exxal alcohols for acrylate adhesives can offer performance benefits across a wide variety of pressure sensitive adhesive
applications such as labels, tapes, decal, decorative and protective sheets and other specialty areas. They provide the flexibility for
everyday applications and the strength needed for high-stress usages such as aviation and automotive applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Remarkably higher shear strength while maintaining peel strength*
  • Superior water-whitening performance*
  • Increased hydrophobicity for enhanced water resistance*

*Compared with 2-ethylhexanol in formulated acrylate PSAs
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Properties of Exxal alcohols vs. 2-ethylhexanol

Exxal™ alcohols for acrylate adhesives are formulated to provide enhanced adhesion cohesion balance. Using Exxal acrylate adhesive in pressure sensitive adhesives can offer improved shear strength, improved water resistance and broader formulation freedom than 2-ethylhexanol.

Improved shear strength*

  • Higher gel content allowing for better cohesion
  • Enhance adhesion cohesion balance offering wider formulation flexibility

Higher branching level

Exxal alcohol branching carbon numbers.
  • Higher level of branching leading to an increase in abstractable hydrogens

Better water resistance*

Exxal alcohol branching carbon numbers.
  • More hydrophobic surface
  • Lower water absorption rate

*Compared with 2-ethylhexanol in formulated acrylate PSAs

Superior water whitening*

  • Maintains transparency
  • Superior water whitening through formulation optimization

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