Exxal Higher Alcohols

Exxal™ 1315 linear efficient (LE) alcohol

Exxal 1315 LE is our latest highly-linear alcohol, offering the benefits of slight branching.

Exxal 1315 LE can help surfactant producers address challenges such as:

  • Positioning their end-product portfolio strategically in highly competitive markets and applications, such as HI&I.
  • Meeting their customers’ desire to claim sustainability benefits on end- product labeling.

Potential Operational benefits

Exxal 1315 LE can help surfactant producers optimize operations by:

Exxal 1315 LE benefits vs. linear alcohols*

Exxal 1315 LE-based surfactants offer several potential advantages when compared to those based solely on linear alcohols including:
*Exxal 1315 LE benefits vs linear alcohols derived from palm kernel or coconut oils. Data from tests performed by ExxonMobil.