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Escorez™ tackifiers are amorphous, glassy, low-molecular-weight hydrocarbon polymers that promote adhesion and tack in hot-melt and pressure-sensitive adhesives. They are compatible with most base polymers, polymer modifiers and antioxidants that you may add to your adhesive formulation.

Tackifiers can influence the color, odor and stability of the adhesive. Selection depends primarily on softening point, composition, molecular weight and molecular weight distribution. The tackifiers can also be used to improve the compatibility of other adhesive additives.


  • Consistent quality
  • Thermal stability
  • Light color
  • Polymer compatibility
  • Low odor properties
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  • Escorez™ 5000 hydrogenated tackifying resin series

    • Offer the excellent color preferred for hygiene and packaging applications
    • Outstanding end-use performance
    • Quality consistency
    • Excellent balance of adhesion and cohesion properties
    • These grades promote good adhesion to a variety of substrates and are suitable alternatives to polyterpenes and tall oil rosin ester (TORE) tackifiers

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  • Escorez™ 5300

    These water-white cycloaliphatic hydrocarbon resins are designed to tackify a variety of adhesive polymers, including metallocene polyolefin (MCN-PO), ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), styrenic block copolymers (SIS, SBS, SEBS), atactic propylene (APP) and amorphous polyalphaolefins (APAO).

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  • Escorez™ 5400

    These very light color cycloaliphatic hydrocarbon resins tackify a variety of adhesive polymers, including MCN-PO, EVA, styrenic block copolymers (SIS, SBS, SEBS), APP and APAO.

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  • Escorez™ 5600

    These aromatic-modified, very light color cycloaliphatic hydrocarbon resins are designed to tackify a variety of adhesive polymers, including MCN-PO, EVA, SIS and SBS block copolymers.

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  • Escorez™ 1000 Series

    This series offers good compatibility with natural rubber (NR), butyl rubber, SIS, polybutenes, low density polyethylene and atactic polypropylene. It increases tack and adhesion and can modify the mechanical and optical properties of polymer blends.

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  • Escorez™ 2000 Series

    These aromatic modified aliphatic resins have enhanced compatibility with polar materials such as EVA copolymers. They are excellent tackifiers for styrenic block copolymers (SBC) and are often used as a cost-effective alternative in packaging applications.

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