08-17-20 Foamable Achieve Advanced PP news release

Houston, Texas – ExxonMobil has introduced new foamable Achieve™ Advanced PP6302E1, an easily and affordably processed sustainable solution for high volume applications, including food and beverage packaging, industrial packaging, building products, and automotive parts. This new high melt strength (HMS) grade improves product stiffness by up to 30 percent, compared to standard HMS PP foam, for significant cost reduction opportunities. ▪ Commercial potential of foamable PP can now be fully realized ▪ Delivers up to 30 percent better stiffness versus standard HMS PP foam ▪ Unlocks opportunities in packaging, building products, auto parts
ExxonMobil introduces new foamable Achieve™ Advanced Polypropylene, an easily and affordably processed solution for high volume applications
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