Enable™ 4002 for geomembranes

Enable 4002 performance polymer for stronger geomembrane solutions
Enable 4002 produces geomembrane films with outstanding mechanical properties and environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR) and processability. This allows the production of stronger films, compared to existing market alternatives, for geomembrane solutions with high durability and excellent puncture resistance. The exceptional processability offered by this polymer allows converters to improve output and processing consistency for large bubble sizes.

A 1.5 mm monolayer film based on Enable 4002 delivers higher durability, good processability and excellent puncture resistance versus a commercial 1.5 mm HDPE film, making it well-suited for geomembranes, pond liners and geotextiles.

Optimum environmental protection
Using Enable 4002 in your formulation allows the fabrication of geomembrane solutions with improved toughness and enhanced puncture. Offering greater flexibility than HDPE films, these solutions can be prefabricated for fewer field seams which allows customers to realize cost and labor savings.

Cost optimization
Enable 4002 provides excellent processability for consistent film production, high-speed operations and high output. Cost savings across the value chain are possible, compared to conventional geomembrane sheet formulations. Converters benefit from downgauging opportunities which leads to lower resin and energy consumption, while less manufacturing and post-consumer waste can be achieved during installation because of the high integrity of Enable 4002-based geomembrane sheets.

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