K-Show Exceed Soft Shrink for performance polymers

‘Soft-and-secure’ shrink film for wrap, overwrap and bundling packaging solutions

Exceed™ XP performance polymers produce extremely damage resistant films which can be used by brand owners to protect delicate or irregularly-shaped items with high integrity ‘soft-and-secure’ shrink film for wrap, overwrap and bundle packaging –solutions from manufacturer to end-use.

When eXtreme Performance matters use Exceed XP performance polymers

High integrity packages
‘Soft-and-secure’ shrink films made with Exceed XP exhibit controlled holding force and exceptional toughness that delivers excellent wrap, overwrap and bundle packaging integrity. These films provide extreme performance packaging for:

  • Delicate foods and other products - pizza, meat and cheese products, bathroom and kitchen tissues
  • Irregularly shaped products - office supplies, stationery products and air filters

Innovation opportunities

Using Exceed XP, film converters can enhance their business through new opportunities, more stable operations, improved output and simplified film formulations. Using existing extrusion equipment, including monolayer extrusion lines, converters can expand their business into a market which previously required investment in new machinery.

Cost optimization
Exceed XP offers options comprising a pure polyethylene blend run on single-bubble blown film extrusion lines, compared to a typical polyolefin double-bubble solution which requires a more costly dedicated line and higher raw material costs. Output can be increased and film formulations optimized. Providing the required shrink performance at low temperatures may also provide opportunities for potential energy efficiency.

Exceed XP offers a new performance benchmark for extremely damage-resistant films