Applications for hydrocarbon and oxygenated fluids

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A broad fluids portfolio enables tailored solutions, allowing our customers to optimize their manufacturing processes and formulate end products to meet changing market needs and increasingly strict regulatory requirements. A worldwide manufacturing and distribution network ensures consistent quality and supply around the globe.

Adhesive and Sealant

Hydrocarbon and oxygenated fluids for effective adhesives and sealants for a wide variety of industrial and consumer uses

Corn and seeds

A select portfolio of high-solvency hydrocarbon fluids for the formulation of crop protection products

A display of decorative coating paint pots and ink pots

A select portfolio of high-solvency hydrocarbon fluids for the formulation of coatings and inks

A woman cleaning the sink

Specialty fluids with proven use in a variety of household products, from effective cleaning solutions to aerosol insecticides and protection products

Industrial Cleaning Process Extraction

High-quality specialized hydrocarbon fluids for aluminum rolling, metalworking, industrial cleaning, water treatment, polymerization processes, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other types of processes

Shale Fluid

Escaid™ fluids are proven in metal extraction, drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations around the world.

Pouring Fluid

A broad portfolio of fluids for additives and process aids that improve refining operations and the performance of fuel and lubricant end products