Fiber Optics

Supporting applications in your industry

When it comes to petrochemical products, services and technology, ExxonMobil Chemical has your industry covered. Gain a competitive advantage with our worldwide supply capabilities, integrated and cost-effective operations, and products tailored to specific market needs.
Clear Tape Dispenser
Our portfolio of tackifying resins, adhesion polymers, butyl polymers and fluids simplifies raw materials purchasing and product development.
Plane Spray Pesticide
We support product formulators and manufacturers whose products protect crops in greenhouses and on the largest farms.

Car Passenger Front Side
Automotive businesses around the world rely on ExxonMobil Chemical to deliver advanced materials that help drive the difference in automotive design.
Man Cutting Cable Wires
ExxonMobil Chemical products help developers and manufacturers of building and construction products meet tough performance specifications.

Seven year old girl in pink and white striped T-shirt bending over open dishwasher door to load dishes
We supply innovative materials that benefit end users and help brand owners create imaginative products that stand out.
 Three surgeons in nonwoven hygienic blue gowns, face masks, gloves and hair nets performing operation
ExxonMobil Chemical is a long-term supplier to the healthcare industry with highly specialized products and focused technical service.

Heavy duty earth moving dump truck and front end loader working in an above ground mine
Our customers benefit from one of the industry's widest product ranges with a proven track record for supporting profitable ideas.
A sheet of pressure sensitive postage stamps with one stamp partially peeled away from the liner
Escorez™ tackifying resins offer substantial tack and compatibility for pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) labels.

Scientist in his laboratory examining a beaker with a yellow fluid in it with many other beakers, test tubes and equipment in the foreground
Our synthetic lubricant basestocks capture the performance benefits valued by manufacturers and vehicle owners.
Mother joyfully playing with her baby in diapers laying outside on a blanket on a beautiful day
ExxonMobil Chemical provides innovative solutions for nonwovens processors and their customers, bringing new capabilities within reach.

Bags of chips with a bag cut open to expose the contents and the Oppera™ modified flexible food packaging film used in the package construction

Check out new, lighter-weight packaging materials that help you do more with less and move your packaging to a more-sustainable future.