Escorene™ Ultra EVA copolymer resins for greenhouse films

Agricultural greenhouse showing plants and roof panels

Escorene Ultra ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer resins offer the optical and durability qualities required for multilayer agricultural greenhouse film applications. 

Processors can count on the broad portfolio of Escorene Ultra EVA copolymer resins for films that demonstrate:

  • Better transparency
  • Improved thermicity
  • Excellent toughness and elasticity
  • Good creep resistance to ensure that films maintain strength and shape to resist damage
  • Increased compatibility with additives (UV stabilizers, anti-fogging agents, etc.)
  • Higher photo selectivity to ensure the right light spectrum for high-quality crops
  • Longer lifetimes

The higher degree of thermicity enables films with Escorene Ultra EVA copolymer resins to retain more heat inside greenhouses and plant tunnels at night for a longer growing period, due to their higher opacity to far-infrared radiation. Higher VA content produces films with better thermicity. Adding Exceed™ XP performance polymers to the skin layers of an EVA-based film allows improvements to tear, dart and puncture resistance to be achieved.

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