Bags of chips with a bag cut open to expose the contents and the Oppera™ modified flexible food packaging film used in the package construction


Look to ExxonMobil Chemical for new, lighter-weight packaging materials that help you do more with less and move your packaging to a more-sustainable future. We supply materials and expertise to solve a variety of packaging challenges with leading-edge polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) resins, polymer modifiers and propylene-based elastomers. They’ll contain, protect and promote your product all the way from the factory to store shelves and beyond.

Clear water bottles wrapped in film

Optimize performance and processing benefits for a range of flexible packaging applications with our PE grades, propylene-based elastomers and polymer modifiers.

Hundreds of multi-colored flexible caps and closures for drink bottles

Escorene™ Ultra EVA copolymer resins, ExxonMobil™ polypropylene resins and Santoprene™ TPV resins provide optimal solutions for caps, seals and closures.

Two shoppers in dairy aisle with close up of man holding a flexible plastic bottle of orange drink with green reclosable cap

Choose from specialty PE products, specialty elastomers and propylene-based elastomers for the right performance in food and beverage containers, flexible packaging seals and packaging for aseptic liquids.


Excellent for airtight seals, Vistamaxx PBE keeps food fresh and protects aromas while offering cost-effective packaging.

Clear box sealing tape being applied with a hand dispenser to seal a corrugated box shut

In hot-melt and solvent-based technologies, Escorez™ tackifying resins increase initial tack and long-term adhesion.

Hot melt adhesives being applied (with a hand held applicator) to one of the flaps of a generic corrugated box containing oranges for shipment

Escorez™ 5000 series tackifying resins perform well on many packaging types and are compatible with a range of polymers.

Hand peeling back flexible film

Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomers improve the adhesive layer performance in co-extruded surface protection films.

Cast stretch hand wrap film around palleted products

Look to our mPE resins, propylene-based elastomers, polypropylene impact copolymers and EVA resins to improve product protection, provide package clarity for retail display and accelerate package lightweighting.

Rolls of white and clear flexible films used in the packaging and labels industries

Introduce new possibilities in flexible film, tape and extrusion-coated or extrusion-laminated structures with Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomers.

Smiling 40s-something couple on pier carrying large hot-pink plastic tote filled with beach towels

Rely on our polypropylene resins, LDPE, HDPE and propylene-based elastomers for caps and closures, DVD cases, rotomolded bottles, bins, tubs, buckets and containers, and more.


Vistamaxx PBE’s low density relative to many other polymers allows the creation of thin wall products, which may reduce costs while maintaining packaging integrity.