Rolls of clear plastic film

film, tapes, extrusion coating & lamination

Introduce new possibilities in flexible film, tape and extrusion-coated or extrusion-laminated structures with Vistamaxx™ performance polymers. Unique for its combination of elasticity, flexibility, adhesion, ability to drape and toughness, Vistamaxx polymers can be tailored to specific attributes of a desired film application. Its optimal compatibility with other polymers makes the prospects for film innovation virtually boundless.

All information and contents are provided for general reference only and should not be viewed as a statement of fitness for a specific application. Customers should ensure the final products comply with relevant national standards of China.

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Improve processing flexibility at lower costs.

Vistamaxx Films CPP Labels

Enhance sealing performance and packaging-line speeds.

Cast stretch hand wrap film around palleted products

Improve cling performance and processability at significantly lower dosing levels and formulation costs.

Knight packaged in clear film

Benefit from increased load protection for palletized goods while gaining exceptional clarity for display in retail outlets.

Hand peeling back flexible film

Improve adhesive layer performance in co-extruded surface protection film.

Rolls of raffia tape made with Vistamaxx

Gain improved product quality and production efficiencies.

Vistamaxx Films Exco Lam

Enjoy high product quality, including increased bond strength.


Create tougher, clearer films with improved shrink performance and better seal integrity.


Modifying the sealant layer polymer with Vistamaxx™ can enhance the seal integrity of BOPP films while significantly lowering the seal initiation temperature.