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Hydrocarbon fluids for rust prevention

Exxsol™ D and Isopar™ hydrocarbon fluids give formulators of rust prevention oils optimum control over product performance and a high level of safety and comfort for their employees and customers.

Compared with kerosene and white spirits, which exhibit a significant degree of variability, contain sulfur and have aromatic content as high as 30%, Exxsol D and Isopar fluids offer:

  • High degrees of quality and consistency: for enabling reliable end-product performance
  • Narrow boiling range: for optimized formulations and faster drying times
  • Lower toxicity and low odor: for improved worker safety and comfort
  • Significantly higher OELs (Occupational Exposure Limits): for safer operations 

Exxsol D fluid can carry and dissolve active ingredients while helping to inhibit corrosion during dip-tank immersion, brushing and spraying operations. With aromatic content less than 0.5%, Exxsol™ D40, Exxsol™ D60 and Exxsol™ D80 fluids help formulators develop rust prevention products with a balance of tailored drying times, viscosity, lubrication and safe operating conditions. 

Isopar fluids contain less than 0.01% percent aromatic content, are virtually odorless and are suitable for select food contact applications.

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