Santoprene™ TPVs improve soft-touch grips and handles on personal care items

Head and shoulders of blond-haired boy in light blue T-shirt brushing his teeth

Adding soft-touch Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) to the grips and handles of razors, toothbrushes, hair care products and other personal care items contributes to user comfort, stylish product appearance and safer nonslip control in wet environments.

Design flexibility, efficiencies
Differentiate your designs and increase market value with colorable grades that bond to PP, ABS, PC and PC/ABS blends. Direct overmolding and co-extrusion bonding options open the door to design flexibility, parts consolidation and manufacturing cost efficiencies.

Perspiration resistance and more
Santoprene TPV resists perspiration, heat, water, oil and chemicals. It will not become tacky and swell with chemical exposure. Parts made with Santoprene TPVs will not mar desks or countertops. Santoprene TPV grades for personal care items are FDA and EN71-3 compliant. See the online TPV Fluid Resistance Guide

Add cost efficiency and aesthetics with Vistamaxx propylene-based elastomers
Vistamaxx™ offers additional options for personal care items requiring outstanding feel, surface appearance and flexibility. Vistamaxx propylene-based elastomers are easy to process, accept high filler loadings and are compatible with a wide variety of PP and PE materials. They are particularly good in thermoplastic polyolefinic blends where a balance of flexibility, transparency, impact performance and lower cost is required.