Improve long-term performance of sunroof seals with Santoprene™ TPVs

Interior of an open car sunroof showing black weatherseal

Santoprene TPVs used in molded or extruded sunroof seals offer:      

  • UV resistance
  • Durability and wear resistance with coextruded slipcoat
  • Long-term sealing performance
  • Recyclability vs. EPDM
  • Coextrusion with hard TPV or PP
  • Foam capability for bulb designs
  • Good flowability and aesthetic appearance for molded applications
  • Cost savings compared to polyurethane RIM approaches

Suggested materials:

  • Santoprene™ TPV 121-xxW175 for dense extrusion; xx = ShA 58, 67, 73
  • Santoprene™ TPV 121-xxW228 for foamed bulb; xx = ShA 60, 68
  • Santoprene™ TPV 121-xxB230 for low COF corner molding; xx = ShA 70, 80
  • Santoprene™ TPV 121-xxM100 for high flow molding; xx = ShA 62, 75
  • Santoprene™ TPV 8123-45S100 or 123-52W242 for slipcoat

Production process: 

  • Extrusion
  • Injection molding

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