Choose Santoprene™ TPVs for cost-effective alternative to EPDM for  extruded windshield, roofline and rocker seals

Santoprene TPVs used in extruded windshield, roof line and rocker seals offer:

  • Cost-effective alternative to EPDM
  • Co- or tri-extrusion with plastics or hard TPV grades
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Lower coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) than with PVC
  • Weight savings compared with EPDM or PVC
  • Smooth surface with no blooming compared with some EPDM
  • High-temperature compression set 
  • Ease of processing

Suggested materials:

  • Santoprene™ TPV 121-xxW175; xx = ShA 67, 73, 80 in combination with PP, TPO

Production process:

  • Coextrusion
  • Tri-extrusion

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