Enhance heat resistance and durability of automotive hoses with Vistalon™ EPDM

Close up of an underhood engine hose of a red hot rod car

Rely on Vistalon EDPM in automotive coolant, air and heater hoses and AC and brake hose formulations to achieve:

  • Improved tear strength
  • Better aging resistance
  • Increased flexibility
  • Easier mixing and processing

General purpose hose (up to 125°C/257°F)
Vistalon™ 7001 and 5601 EPDM high-ethylene EPDM grades provide excellent green strength for extrusion processing and braiding. They can be compounded with high amounts of filler while maintaining good physical properties.

Heat-resistant hose (up to 150°C/302°F)
Blending amorphous, high molecular weight bimodal EPDM Vistalon™ 7500 or 8700 with a high-ethylene EPDM such as Vistalon 5601 or 7001 EPDM provides:

  • Good balance of low-temperature flexibility
  • Good retention of physical properties after air aging
  • Good compression set
  • High green strength

To meet the demanding VW TL 523.21 specification, consider a combination of Vistalon 8700 EPDM and Vistalon™ 3666 EPDM  in very rich polymer content compounds.

High-heat-resistant hose (>150°C/302°F)
For good retention of properties after long-term heat aging (1000 hrs at 150°C/302°F with peaks at 175°C/347°F), consider blending Vistalon™ 706 (EPM copolymer) and Vistalon 7500 (bimodal EPDM) or a highly crystallline EPDM grade such as Vistalon 7001.

Brake hoses`
Hoses are compounded without plasticizers to prevent extraction by the brake fluid. Consider low-Mooney Vistalon™ 2504 EPDM with broad molecular weight distribution to achieve necessary green strength during manufacturing.