Reduce weight and simplify processing of automotive molded seals and gaskets with Santoprene™ TPVs

Open road close-up of one side of a car roof rack showing seal

Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) combine excellent sealing properties, durability, chemical resistance and temperature stability to provide automotive designers a lightweight, cost-effective replacement for rubber materials across a wide range of molded seals and gaskets.

Sample applications

  • Roof rack gaskets
  • Engine air guide seals
  • Outer gearbox seals
  • Fuel filler housing seals
  • Steering column gaskets
  • Firewall wiring grommets

Chemical resistance and durability
Santoprene TPV grades are a good choice for applications where flexibility, sealing properties and chemical resistance are key to performance.

Santoprene™ TPV M100 grades are a cost-effective solution for applications such as engine air guides and fuel filler housing seals. With resistance to chemicals and temperatures from -40°C to 130°C (-40°F to 266°F), Santoprene TPV M100 grades also provide outstanding durability in harsh under-the-hood operating environments. These grades perform well in under-chassis applications such as outer gearbox seals that benefit from durability and sealing performance across a wide range of temperatures.

Flexibility and bonding performance
Interior firewall seals such as steering column gaskets can benefit from Santoprene™ TPV B500 bonding grades, which offer stand-out noise, vibration and heat performance and excellent bonding to nylon components.

Lightweight elasticity and safety
Santoprene™ TPV 101 grades can be used in automotive electrical components to replace thick-walled EPDM injection-molded parts such as firewall wiring grommets with elastic lightweight seals that hold wiring harnesses in place and dampen vibration.

Excellent surface finish and sealing performance
Santoprene TPV M100 grades provide the long-term sealing properties, aging performance and excellent UV resistance needed for exterior appearance applications such as roof rack gaskets that protect interiors from water invasion. The low viscosity of Santoprene™ TPV 121-75M100 allows for the production of durable exterior parts with long flow length and excellent surface finish.

Cost-effective processing
The good flow characteristics, high color stability and excellent bonding properties of Santoprene TPVs promote easy processing, design freedom and low scrap rates.