Small appliances and floorcare

Lady in jeans and grey T-shirt vacuuming the living room

Enhance durability and appearance in small-appliance parts with Santoprene TPVs
Use Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) for non-marring feet, temperature-resistant seals, soft-touch grips and high-impact bumpers to improve the durability and customer appeal of small appliances, including:

  • Vacuum cleaners and floor buffers
  • Lawn mowers, clippers and trimmers
  • Coffee makers, mixers, microwave ovens and other appliances
  • Steam irons and other household items

Performance and convenience
The low compression set of Santoprene TPV produces effective seals for long-term performance and adds a silky, nonslip feel to create a more comfortable grip for hot/wet applications. Its vibration dampening capabilities reduce muscle fatigue as well as noise.

Design freedom and durability
Colorability, tight molding tolerances and the ability to overmold Santoprene TPV onto other materials support the design of great-looking, cost-efficient appliances. The bonding compatibility of Santoprene TPV with PP, ABS, PS, PC, PMMA, ASA, PET, PA and PPO/PS blends creates extremely durable bonds without adhesives.

Reduce production costs with Santoprene TPVs
Santoprene TPV bonding grades allow for 2K or insert molding for part consolidation, fast molding cycle times and less assembly, enabling lower production costs.

Santoprene TPVs can contribute to a reduction in overall waste in the manufacturing process, as scrap produced during processing can be recycled which can lead to more savings.