Plane Spray Pesticide


ExxonMobil Chemical supports product formulators and manufacturers whose products protect crops in greenhouses and on the largest farms, for all-weather conditions. For example, greenhouse films made with our unique polymers use less material and consume less energy in manufacturing and transportation. They also have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Additionally, films made with Exceed™ XP performance polymers protect and preserve harvests and other farm produce — from harvest to utilization. Count on our products and technical advice to support your quality standards, product stewardship and regulatory compliance.
Agricultural silage film tractor

Protecting and preserving agricultural harvests and other farm produce with high integrity films – for indoor and outdoor storage

Agricultural greenhouse showing plants and roof panels

Enable™ mPE resin and Escorene™ Ultra ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer resins impart unique properties valued by end users.

Corn and seeds

Solvesso™ aromatic fluids and Exxsol™ de-aromatized fluids are attractive options for formulators of pesticides and spray oils.