Technology licensing and catalysts

ExxonMobil licenses downstream and chemical technologies and catalysts that provide significant value to customers. As one of the world’s largest refiners and petrochemical manufacturers, ExxonMobil has extensive engineering and operational experience with these technologies and catalysts.

Our network of laboratories in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific provides customer support in the delivery of high quality, reliable process technologies and catalysts, and readily accessible services.

We offer a broad portfolio of technologies and catalysts that help our customers achieve their safety, reliability and performance improvement goals. These technologies include the manufacture of fuels, lubricants, petrochemical intermediates and polymers. Our solutions help manufacturers implement best practices that can contribute to cost reduction, environmental compliance, reliability, plant automation, and safety.

Industry-Leading Innovation and Performance

Innovative processing technologies are employed in ExxonMobil’s operations and customers’ facilities across the world. Our technological breakthroughs and innovations have helped redefine customer expectations and industry performance benchmarks. Our scientists and engineers work rigorously to deliver pioneering new technologies that meet the increasingly stringent needs and complex challenges of today’s downstream and chemical manufacturers. We offer best-in-class technologies for making lubricants and other petrochemical products with growing market demand.


Our world-class engineering services support the integration of our technologies in new and existing facilities, including:

  • Planning and process studies
  • Design specifications
  • Operations start-up support
  • Post start-up technical services and troubleshooting
  • Catalyst performance monitoring
  • Technical support to sustain continuous improvement

References in this website to "ExxonMobil" or "ExxonMobil Chemical" shall mean any or all of ExxonMobil Chemical Company and ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing LLC, as required by the context.

Alkylation icon/image used to identify alkylation products and services

Technologies in phenolics and styrenics through the Badger Licensing joint venture.

Polymers icon/image used to identify the Polymers products and services

Technologies for general purpose to specialty LDPE/EVA polymers.

Olefins icon/image used to identify the Olefins products and services

The Selective Cracking Optimum Recovery ethylene process available in conjunction with KBR.

Xylenes icon/image used to identify alkylation products and services

Technologies for paraxylene and benzene production or a complete grassroots complex.

We are a leading provider of fuel refining technologies that meet customer needs for high quality transportation fuels.

ExxonMobil is the leading provider of advanced lubes manufacturing technologies for the 21st century that meet and exceed customer expectations for quality and profitability.

FLEXICOKINGTM the cost-effective coking technology, without the coke.

FLEXSORBTM is an ExxonMobil developed and commercialized suite of gas treating technologies and absorbents.

Methanol to gasoline technology (MTG) converts natural gas into high-quality, clean burning transportation fuel.

Catalyst icon/image used to identify catalyst product and services

Access to catalysts in use at more than 100 commercial sites worldwide