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For an extensive range of advanced synthetic base stocks, you need an innovative supplier--the Synthetics Business unit of ExxonMobil Chemical. With our polyalphaolefin (PAO), alkylated naphthalene (AN) and ester base stocks, we provide reliable, global base stock solutions that can help you achieve your business goals.

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Now available in three grades – 300, 150 and 65 cSt at 100°C – SpectraSyn Elite metallocene polyalphaolefin (mPAO) base stock is a high-performance, high-viscosity (Hi Vis) polyalphaolefin (PAO).

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A synthetic base stock for step-out hydrolytic and thermo-oxidative stability. As a blend component with PAO or mineral oils, Synesstic alkylated naphthalene can extend the performance of your lubricant.

This synthetic low-viscosity base stock is used for upgrading mineral oil base stocks and to create a variety of synthetic and synthetic-blend lubricants.

Increase base stock viscosity and upgrade lubricant quality with blend components especially suited for industrial oils requiring high stability under harsh operating conditions.

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An advanced low-viscosity synthetic fluid that sets a benchmark for low volatility and low-temperature fluidity to produce more advanced lubricants.

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Add enhanced lubricating properties along with low volatility and good solubility characteristics to your engine and industrial lubricant applications.