Case stories santoprene xxm350 tpv

Santoprene™ xxM350 TPV for high-quality interior skin

Santoprene xxM350 TPV cost-effectively provides an exceptional “comfort touch” and excellent surface qualities for automotive interiors. The “comfort touch” provided by Santoprene xxM350 TPV eliminates the susceptibility to indentation that is exhibited by traditional foamed material structures.

Offering a good balance of high performance and affordability, Santoprene xxM350 TPV is an ideal alternative to materials such as rigid polypropylene (PP), PP with soft-touch paint and, in some cases, PVC or TPO skins. A good choice for door panels, center consoles, B-C pillars, lower instrument panels and the back covers of seats, Santoprene xxM350 TPV delivers a range of benefits, including:

  • Strong aesthetics and comfort touch
  • Low, stable gloss level
  • High scratch and mar resistance
  • Good abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Low fogging and odor emission
  • Good colorability

Santoprene xxM350 TPV offers processing flexibility and high design tolerances for multipart integration. It also offers potential sustainability benefits such as reduced processing time and it can contribute to a reduction in overall waste in the manufacturing process as scrap produced during processing can be recycled. Meeting stringent specifications for low fogging and odor, Santoprene xxM350 TPV is in use in the Volkswagen T5 Multivan and Beetle models.