automotive underhood & under-car benefits


Santoprene™ TPVs provide “comfort touch” interior skins giving surfaces a “warmer” feel compared to hard polypropylene (PP) and soft paint skins. It makes surfaces compressible and offers passengers a dry, silky and non-greasy cushion-like surface that is well-suited for:

  • Door panels
  • Center consoles
  • B&C pillars
  • Lower instrument panels
  • Back covers of seats
  • Grips, knobs, interior mats and cup holders

In addition to high-end aesthetics, Santoprene TPVs' good resistance to scratching and marring UV light and high temperatures, provide long-lasting durability throughout the part’s life.

Santoprene TPVs facilitate aspect harmonization for manufacturers as they offer better color consistency and gloss matching between parts. This is because Santoprene TPV makes colorability to OEM specifications simpler through color flexibility rather than paint skins.

Santoprene TPVs also offer system cost reductions through good adhesion to other polymers and more cost-efficient processing. Santoprene TPV enables cost savings through:

  • Increased production flexibility
  • Part/function integration
  • Supply chain optimization
  • A potential contribution to a reduction in overall waste in the manufacturing process, as scrap produced during processing can be recycled

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Case story

Santoprene™ xxM350 TPV for high-quality interior skin