Santoprene TPV in Photovoltaic Applications


Santoprene™ TPV offers durable and cost-effective performance connectors

Durable and reliable
Connectors made with Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) provide excellent heat resistance and good protection against water and UV. This leads to long service life and stable performance under severe weather conditions. Good sealing performance eliminates leak paths and the use of adhesives. This simplifies the manufacturing process with reduced equipment investment and ongoing system cost savings. Santoprene TPV has excellent low temperature flexibility, possessing strain relief capabilities that can improve the ability to pass the low temperature impact test.

Reduce production costs with Santoprene TPV
Santoprene TPV can be processed on conventional thermoplastic injection molding equipment, allowing connectors to be insert molded into cable jacketing to produce watertight integrated parts. It allows for two-shot, insert or overmolding for part consolidation, fast molding cycle times and less assembly steps, enabling lower production costs. Santoprene TPV can contribute to a reduction in overall waste in the manufacturing process, as scrap produced during processing can be recycled which can lead to more savings.

Compliance with standards

Santoprene TPV grades for Photovoltaic applications
Santoprene TPV grades 151-70W256 and 251-80W232 (with the addition of 3% Cabot Plasblak PE1371 black concentrate) comply with the most stringent UL material requirements for both connectors and junction boxes for use in photovoltaic applications (UL 6703/6703A and UL 3730).