Santoprene TPV Moulded Glass Encapsulation 6

Santoprene™ M200 TPV Series for demanding weatherseals

Santoprene 121-xxM200 TPV grades are designed for automotive parts such as glass-encapsulated weatherseals for quarter lights and side fixed-glass applications that demand excellent appearance and easy processing. These Santoprene TPV grades are recommended for other injection-molded automotive parts that require outstanding aspect and processing capabilities.

Santoprene 121-xxM200 TPV grades:

  • Produce molded seals with excellent surface appearance and no flow marks
  • Exhibit a low dynamic viscosity that results in enhanced flow over a wide range of shear
  • Reduce injection pressure by 30 to 40% and decrease injection temperature by 10°C (18°F) which can result in low glass breakage and energy consumption, respectively
  • Increase design flexibility with higher gloss levels and surface-matching capabilities for extruded profiles

Santoprene 121-xxM200 TPV grades have compression and tension set values comparable to those of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber, and exterior UV-resistance that meets many OEM specifications. Less sensitive to flow direction during injection molding, these grades also reduce warping and facilitate mold design.