New possibilities with Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomers

At ExxonMobil Chemical we take pride in reliably delivering innovative elastomer products such as Vistamaxx propylene-based elastomers. We are committed to being your most trusted source of elastomer products, helping you develop new possibilities for your business.

Rely on real Vistamaxx propylene-based elastomers
When you choose Vistamaxx, you can count on consistent product quality and reliable supply, backed by the operational excellence and ongoing technological improvements of ExxonMobil Chemical. We continue to meet the growing demand for compounding, film, nonwoven and adhesive applications by delivering a reliable product backed by years of technical expertise.

Trusted sources for technical information
Numerous websites claim to possess technical information, data sheets and other literature related to Vistamaxx propylene-based elastomer grades, without any guarantee of accuracy or affiliation with ExxonMobil Chemical. We recommend that you carefully consider all product data sources to ensure that you obtain accurate, up-to-date information regarding Vistamaxx grades and processing. You can access legitimate Vistamaxx product information at or or through one of our authorized distributors.

Trusted sources for material purchase
ExxonMobil Chemical works with authorized distributors to ensure the samples and commercial supplies of Vistamaxx propylene-based elastomers required for your applications meet our global specifications. If you have questions regarding the above, or anything else concerning Vistamaxx propylene-based elastomers, please do not hesitate to contact us .