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A broad portfolio of petrochemical and polymer products

ExxonMobil Chemical provides the building blocks for a wide range of products, from packaging materials and plastic bottles to automobile bumpers, synthetic rubber, solvents and countless consumer goods. We also make many of our technologies available for licensing.

Product safety and stewardship

Our rigorous and disciplined processes help ensure the safety of our products in their intended uses.

Enable mPE Processing with Technician

Improve your product performance with Enable™ and Exceed™ mPE resins and LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE and specialty copolymer resins.

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Count on the leading global producer of hydrocarbon fluids and key oxygenated fluids to meet tough formulation challenges and increasing regulatory requirements.

Young boy playing in garden washing a red ride-on toy car with green plastic bucket of water
Choose from homopolymers, impact copolymers and random copolymers as well as our Achieve™ resins and Exxtral™ performance polyolefins.
On display rubber boots, cables, gardenhose and vinyl floor
Our general-purpose, specialty and fast-fusing Jayflex™ plasticizers are built on 50 years of experience in the flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) market.

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Accelerate tire innovation inside and out with the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of high-quality synthetic rubber products.

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Formulate your next great lubricant with our broad range of SpectraSyn™ polyalphaolefins, Synesstic™ alkylated naphthalene blendstocks and Esterex™ esters.

Colored Pellets

Our polymer modifiers extend the performance and processability of films, compounds, nonwovens and molded/extruded products.

Building blocks stacked together with a clear blue liquid inside

Our alcohols, acids and higher olefins are building block for products ranging from surfactants and polymer additives to metal salts and chlorides.

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Innovate with Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomers, Santoprene™ TPVs, Vistalon™ EPDM, Exact™ plastomers and Exxelor™ polymer resins.

Technology Licensing logo of a hand holding a crystal globe with chemical chains visible in the globe

We offer industry leading process technology from aromatics (xylene and alkylation) to olefins and polymers for licensing in addition to zeolite catalysts for lease.

Laboratory beaker filled with light colored resin pellets

Escorez™ tackifying resins lead a portfolio of tackifiers and base polymers used in adhesive applications including packaging, nonwovens and tapes/labels.