Potential sustainability benefits

potential sustainability benefits

Vistamaxx™ performance polymers can improve performance and processing to reduce costs, while also opening up new potential sustainability benefits for your business.

Reduced material use
Vistamaxx polymers can contribute to sustainability by downgauging packaging films, reducing material use, reducing wall thickness in rigid packaging, and strengthening products to avoid breakage or waste. It can also reduce energy use through lower temperature processing.

Reduced weight
Due to its low density relative to many other polymers, products made with Vistamaxx polymers can be designed to be lighter weight. This, when combined with reduced wall thickness, can help to reduce transport emissions and costs.

When Vistamaxx performance polymers are used in a polyolefin blend it can contribute to less overall waste in the manufacturing process, as any scrap produced during processing can be recycled. Vistamaxx polymers can also be added to recycled polyethylene or polypropylene blends to help improve their physical properties, such as impact strength, for differentiated recycled products.

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