ExxonMobil™ impact copolymer (ICP) polypropylene (PP) resins can deliver excellent durability and consumer appeal for your appliances.

Our materials technology, produces a variety grades that provide solutions to meet the increasing performance needs of both large and small appliance manufacturers.

ExxonMobil ICP PP resins can deliver:

  • Good stiffness and impact balance
  • Good processability due to a broad range of melt flow rates (MFR)
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance 
  • Molding flexibility and antistatic properties
  • Good aesthetics for appealing surface appearance

Improved sustainability
As indicated in a Life Cycle Inventory study*, by Franklin Associates, the manufacture of polypropylene (PP) resins has a lower environmental impact when compared to the manufacture of some other plastics including General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS), High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). These lower environmental impacts include less energy consumption, less CO2 equivalent emissions, and a lower volume of solid waste.

*According to the “Cradle-to-Gate Life cycle Inventory of Nine Plastic Resins and Four Polyurethane Precursors” conducted by Franklin Associates for the American Chemistry Council (ACC) in 2011

Young Asian woman unloading compact top-loader washing machine

Benefit from strength and reliability of parts, including washer agitators, tubs, balancers, outer body and more.

Seven year old girl in pink and white striped T-shirt bending over open dishwasher door to load dishes

Add impact strength and durability to utensil baskets, dispensers, vents and other parts.

Young boy climbing in fridge, tip-toes on bottom ledge, holding onto and reaching into upper shelf

Gain low temperature impact strength and good stiffness/impact balance for parts, ranging from door buckets and bins to kick plates.

Lady in jeans and grey T-shirt vacuuming the living room

Produce small appliances with good stiffness/impact balance and appearance with ExxonMobil ICP PP resins.