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Safety, performance and cost count most when it comes to consumer products. You can rely on ExxonMobil™ polypropylene resin as a raw material that will help you satisfy demanding customers, meet tough regulations and contribute to your bottom line.


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Consumer Toys Cooking Asian Girl

Be confident about toys made with ExxonMobil™ polypropylene resin.

Asian mom in her 30s feeding baby daughter sitting in a plastic highchair

Be confident about the quality and safety of ExxonMobil™ polypropylene resin for infant and juvenile products.

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Impact copolymers provide outstanding performance while offering lightweighting opportunities with reduced creep and breakage.

Rolls of raffia tape made with Vistamaxx
Modified PP raffia tapes offer improvement opportunities in sacks and flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC), carpet backing and geotextiles.