Five reasons to buy polypropylene from ExxonMobil Chemical

Chemical plant operating at dusk

1. Consistent, high-quality products

We manufacture polypropylene homopolymers, impact copolymers, random copolymers and engineered polypropylene compounds to the same standards worldwide. You will experience a consistent, high-quality resin each time you use one of our products. Our products help your plants run smoother – with fewer interruptions, less scrap and fewer process adjustments.

Supply Chain

2. Reliable, global supply chain

Polypropylene manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East support your global supply requirements.

Two training and support personnel in ExxonMobil hard hats and jumpsuits in the foreground with a plant in operation in the background

3. Commitment to you, your industry and polypropylene

Our products are designed for high performance and affordability in the automotive, appliance, consumer product, healthcare, packaging and textile industries. Our commitment is proven by almost 50 years experience as a polypropylene supplier, by product innovations and capacity expansions to support your business.

Scientist in his laboratory examining a beaker with a yellow fluid in it with many other beakers, test tubes and equipment in the foreground

4. Technology leadership

Ongoing investments produce breakthroughs for our customers, including the first commercial metallocene-based polypropylene products. We invest in polymer process technology and new product development because we realize that your applications will continue to evolve to even higher performance levels.


5. Strong technical support

Our knowledgeable sales team and extensive technical support network are ready to serve you – from product trial to commercialization and beyond to optimization.