Green apple wrapped in clear film with a twist wrap seal on each end

Applications for Oppera™ modifiers

Oppera modifiers allows the production of chlorine-free, transparent, barrier and stiffer films which support sustainable developments of BOPP packaging films. Oppera modifiers are primarily used to enhance the performance of flexible food packaging, high shrink, overwrap and candy twist wrap films. Oppera modifiers have been approved for food contact by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and by the European Food Safety Authority.

Performance advantages

Increase barrier properties, shrink and stiffness.

Processing advantages

Improve processing
speed and efficiency.

Oppera clear packaging film

Boost the ability of clear barrier bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films to extend packaging shelf life and keep products fresh.

Oppera twist candy wrappers

Benefit from a high degree of processability on high-speed twist wrap machines, and maintain deadfold under the most-severe storage conditions.

Blue Lotus Tea box with Oppera overwrap film on the outside of the box to protect the package

Formulators can achieve the clarity and shelf life they need for products ranging from tea boxes to DVDs.

Oppera food packaging film

Enhance the ability of white opaque barrier BOPP films to extend packaging shelf life and keep products fresh.