Specialty copolymer resins

Specialty copolymers play an important role in value-added markets for film, coating and molding applications. In addition, they are used extensively for adhesive applications. ExxonMobil Chemical offers a range of specialty copolymer resin products, helping customers to make the best possible choice for their specific application needs.

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Copolymer resins of ethylene and vinyl acetate (EVA) offer low seal-initiation temperatures, high hot-tack, very good impact strength and excellent optical properties. Film uses include food and industrial packaging, surface protection and greenhouse films. Molded uses include caps and seals, footwear and car interiors. Escorene Ultra EVA is the base polymer in many adhesion resin formulations. Outstanding compounding makes it a material of choice for use in wire and cable. High transparency is a key attribute for photovoltaic cell encapsulation.

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Exact plastomers bridge the gap between elastomers and plastics, with rubber-like properties and the processability of plastic.

Examples of polyethylene in packaging tubes

Copolymers of ethylene and acrylic acid offer excellent adhesion to polar substrates, without the use of primers. Uses include liquid aseptic and dry food packaging, lamitubes and cable shielding.

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Compatible with a large variety of bitumen types, Polybilt modifiers boost the bitumen softening point and decrease rutting. They offer modified blends with excellent storage stability and handling characteristics.

This family of acrylate polymers has an n-butyl acrylate (nBA) content of up to 35% and is less crystalline and softer than polyethylenes. EnBA resins adhere to a variety of polar substrates, including paper, polyesters, ionomers, PVdC and unplasticized PVC.

The most thermally stable of all high-pressure PE copolymers, EMA resins can be processed by extrusion coating lamination, blow/cast monolayer and co-extruded films, injection molding, sheet or profile extrusion, blow molding and foam extrusion.