Enable™ 3505H performance polymer for demanding flexible film applications

Enable™ mPE 35-05CH resin - stiffness, shrink and processability for demanding film applications

Expanding the Enable™ performance polymers portfolio, Enable 3505HH supports converters and brand owners who are seeking more cost-effective, sustainable films for flexible packaging.

The proven grade combines a density of 0.935 g/cm3 with excellent stiffness and toughness to introduce downgauging possibilities in high-clarity packaging films. In a coextruded film structure, Enable 3505HH resin can provide opportunities to downgauge film by up to 25 percent while maintaining or improving film performance.

Packaging films made with Enable 3505HH resin also offer:

  • Processing and shrink properties approaching LDPE resins with higher alpha olefin (HAO) performance
  • Good impact and tear resistance
  • Outstanding optical properties due to low internal haze
  • Robust and straightforward processing on both LLDPE and LDPE film line equipment 

These qualities help make Enable 3505HH an ideal core layer resin for applications including:

  • Collation shrink packaging film
  • Overwrap packaging film
  • Flexible packaging films such as laminates and stand-up pouches
  • Medium-heavy duty bag film

Outstanding processability is derived from a melt temperature that promotes excellent bubble stability with low energy consumption, and excellent shear thinning behavior. Expect higher extrusion rates versus a fractional melt index LLDPE.