Polyethylene packaging consists of various forms and grades of thermoplastic polyethylene sheets or film to wrap, seal and protect consumer goods. Each product grade of ExxonMobil Chemical polyethylene provides varying degrees of properties, including flex-crack resistance, toughness, sealability, elasticity, impermeability, clarity and high tensile strength.

Food packaging film

Protecting and preserving food products with extremely damage-resistant films that can withstand the most demanding environments like freezers.


Protecting and preserving edible and non-edible liquids with extremely damage-resistant films that mitigate the risk of flex-crack pinholes during production, handling and utilization.

Clear water bottles wrapped in film

Our evolving portfolio of polyethylene resins, including market leading metallocene brands, optimize film performance and processing benefits in a range of flexible packaging applications. Improved toughness, outstanding clarity, excellent sealability and high throughput are just some of the benefits that add value to our customers business across the supply chain. 

Clear plastic bottle of orange juice

In aseptic packaging, our resins protect liquids from the environment and maintain their intended characteristics for the entire product lifecycle.

Shrink film with pallet overlay

Resin formulations for shrink and stretch hood films offer economic benefits and improved load protection for palletized goods as well as exceptional clarity for retail display.

Assortment of colorful bottle caps

Create standout two-piece caps and seals for beverages.

Green liquid dispenser

ExxonMobil™ linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and ExxonMobil™ high density polyethylene (HDPE) resins and Paxon™ HDPE resins help molders achieve preferred performance attributes in rotomolded bins and containers.