Shrink film with pallet overlay

Load protection and pallet unitization

ExxonMobil Chemical plastic and resin formulations for stretch, stretch hood and shrink films offer outstanding packaging integrity, economic benefits and improved load protection for palletized goods as well as exceptional clarity for bar code reading and possible retail display.

Cast stretch hand wrap film being unrolled

Meet the needs of cast stretch hand wrap films by improving holding performance and reducing film gauge.

power pre-stretch film

Deliver high holding force at high stretch ratios, maintain toughness at a thinner gauge and high stretch ratios, and provide outstanding tear resistance.

Knight packaged in clear film

Create a new generation of stretch hood films that offer economic benefits, improved protection for palletized goods and exceptional clarity for retail display.

Shrink film with pallet overlay

Achieve optimal package integrity, economic advantage through downgauging opportunities and packaging-line reliability.