Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is changing the way products are protected, shipped, displayed and purchased. It also offers distribution advantages over rigid and other forms of packaging. ExxonMobil Chemical is a leading global supplier of a full range of films for flexible packaging applications.


Clear water bottles wrapped in film

Collation shrink films formulated with Exceed™ and Enable™ performance polymers combine outstanding packaging integrity with optimal clarity and gloss for enhanced brand promotion.

High throughput film shown with salad greens

Exceed™ and Enable™ performance polymers allow converters to produce outstanding, high-clarity compression and retail packaging films at high throughput rates.

Examples of polyethylene in packaging tubes

Escor™ EAA copolymer resins are used in extrusion lamination as an adhesive layer in lamitubes applications.

Heavy-duty sacks from a corner view

Exceed™ and Enable™ performance polymer-based films offer advantages for medium- to heavy-duty sacks for a broad range of packaging applications.

Stand-up pouch and moisture packaging examples

Exceed XP performance polymers offer eXtreme Performance for lamination films, while Enable™ performance polymers provide easier extrusion with an opportunity for film-line output improvements.

K-Show Exceed Soft Shrink for performance polymers

Exceed XP performance polymers allow the fabrication of high integrity, low holding force, shrink films for wrap, overwrap and bundle packaging solutions to protect delicate and irregularly-shaped products– from manufacture to end use.