New elastic solutions


Multilayer constructions of pure Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomer (PBE) with other polymers can provide good elastic performance that prevents diaper leakage. It can also provide softer facing layers. Used as elastic ears or tabs, such fabrics run smoothly at commercial speeds on diaper fabrication lines.

A new manufacturing technology concept is producing the next generation of elastic nonwovens for personal hygiene products. By utilizing Vistamaxx PBE in conjunction with meltblown technology, it is possible to produce elastic and breathable fabrics straight from the production line at lower costs.

How it works
Using ExxonMobil Chemical’s Vistamaxx PBE-based elastic laminate structures, Biax-Fiberfilm Corporation’s (Biax) process produces fabrics with a meltblown elastic core and soft external layers that deliver market acceptable aesthetics at low costs. The method also enables the processing of low melt flow rate (MFR), high ethylene grades for improved elasticity and strength.

This new elastic nonwovens technology can deliver:

  • Elasticity comparable to conventional film-based trilaminate structures
  • Breathability due to the nature of the meltblown and the elimination of an elastic film layer. This is used in particular for adult incontinence and toddler pull-up products
  • Process simplification because Vistamaxx PBE is directly meltblown onto one or both facing layers at the same time, while being combined into the laminate without any external bonding processes
  • Greater design freedom by enabling innovative diaper chassis designs based on breathable elastic nonwoven solutions

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