Enhancing properties


f you are looking for new ways to enhance and tailor the properties of your nonwoven fabrics and end-products, Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomer (PBE)  can be the answer. It can enhance targeted properties to help deliver:

  • Elasticity for simple construction, comfort, fit, and good leakage protection
  • Softness for touch, feel and comfort
  • Toughness for long-lasting products
  • Breathability for comfort and high performance
  • Drapability for touch, feel and comfort
  • Great comfort and discrete hygiene products

These customizable property enhancements can help set new standards in nonwoven product performance and can open new market opportunities for your business at potentially low total costs.

Preview our selection of grades, or consult ExxonMobil Chemical’s team of experts, to see which Vistamaxx PBE grades can best improve the performance of your nonwoven products.