A commitment to safety, health and environment

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ExxonMobil Chemical is committed to ensuring the safe use of the products we sell. Understanding the potential risks of these products and communicating this information fully to our customers is part of our product stewardship efforts – a responsibility we take very seriously.

We welcome Jayflex™ plasticizer customers to learn more about our commitment in these important areas.

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The Jayflex™ plasticizer range has demonstrated their safe use for over 40 years. A broad cross-section of regulatory agencies and scientific panels have studied the safety of Jayflex™ DINP and Jayflex™ DIDP extensively.

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Our products meet or exceed demanding regulatory and environmental requirements.

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Our commitment to enhancing quality of life through product stewardship promotes environmentally friendly operations, products and services.

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We work closely with customers and regulatory and industry groups to identify how our products comply with applicable requirements.

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Our plasticizers help give vinyl the softness and flexibility that makes it a valuable and durable material that is sustainable over the life cycle of an incredibly wide range of applications.

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All Jayflex™ plasticizers marketed in Europe are REACH-registered; get registration numbers here.