Improving the performance and appearance of plastic stationery products

Ningbo LIBO Stationery Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of office stationery products, is using Vistamaxx™ performance polymers to improve the quality of its plastic folders.

Because of Vistamaxx polymers, performance attributes like flexibility and impact strength were improved, and stress whitening reduced.

Reducing cost
For a typical plastic folder, Vistamaxx polymers were found to be as effective as plastomers but at a lower dosage helping to keep cost down.

The use of Vistamaxx polymers has helped Ningbo LIBO establish a strong price advantage in a competitive market, with 85% of the company’s plastic folders currently being exported globally.

Improving quality
Using Vistamaxx polymers as a polypropylene (PP) modifier improves the impact strength, flexibility and appearance of the folders.

“Changing from an ethylene-based plastomer to Vistamaxx polymers to enhance our polypropylene formulations has proved a big success,” said Ms. Lin Qiaoying, general manager, Ningbo LIBO Stationery Co., Ltd. “We are able to improve the quality of our folders. They are less likely to crack and look much better. Using Vistamaxx polymers has helped our business perform well, despite the economic slowdown globally,” said Ms. Lin.

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