A commitment to safety, health and environment

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ExxonMobil Chemical is committed to operating throughout the world in a way that protects the environment and takes into account the economic and social needs of the communities where we operate. Our goal is to achieve excellent performance in safety, health and environment to Protect Tomorrow. Today.

We welcome customers to learn more about our commitment in these important areas.


A laboratory woman injecting a liquid into a tube

Our products meet or exceed demanding regulatory and environmental requirements.

A flame on black background
Among the wide range of high-performance fluids, we also offer low-flammability grades and share our expertise with customers for safe use in the workplace.

Father and daughter at the beach playing in the sand

We offer fluids with lower toxicity and odor than traditional kerosene-derived solvents.

Two safety cones

We work closely with customers and regulatory/industry groups to identify and develop products that satisfy compliance requirements.